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DeAnn Singh
Designing Letters
4032 Marcasel Ave, LA. 90066
Phone: (310) 702-4042


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Private Classes

Located at my home studio $35 per hour-Learn at your own pace.
Can be scheduled days or evenings,mostly Thurs., Friday and some Saturdays.

MONDAY day class

Sinai Temple 10400 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, 90024
Phone (310) 475-1618
It's set to be a beginning-Intermediate class from 10:30 am -1pm. 8 weeks $125 Pointed Pen Variations
Register with Rosa Berman

Tuesday Day Class

Westchester/Emerson Adult Learning Center

8810 Emerson Ave.
Westchester CA 90045
Phone: (310)-258-2000 school location
Small Classes: 10 student maximum

Register in person at the school or email DeAnn to register
Usually 8 week classes for $120 Tues. 10-1 beg-advanced

Tuesday and Wednesday Night Class

Guided Studies (All Levels Welcome)
(Rubberstamp store)
11720 Washington Place
LA CA 90066
Phone: (310) 391-0466 Class Location
Register with the store

Beginning - Advanced

Classes are $20 per class with a commitment of 6 weeks to 10 weeks.. This class is considered "guided studies" so you can learn at your own rate. I will teach the letterform and give assignments and correct homework. Choose the subject and the project.
12 students maximum
Contact the store at (310) 391-0466
Material Lists are posted on the blog.

DeAnn Singh
Phone: (310)-702-4042